We have been very successful designing custom process and product solutions for customers by following a few specific steps.


1.  Preliminary project scope, time frame, and budget discussion to determine if the project is possible and worth pursuing further

2. Review Initial Project Concept, and Submit Formal Proposal

3. Deposit & PO

4. Design Engineering / Material Specifications

5. Final Drawing Approval

6. Manufacturing and Fabrication

7. Installation / System Checks

8. Operation and Safety Training

Our collaborative and simple project system has resulted in many improved production plants and many satisfied customers.

  • This step by step disciplined approach to project management and initial quoting helps everyone involved
  • We can come to agreement quickly with minimum wasted time and money
  • Protect against wasted engineering and fact-finding time when project just does not make sense financially or practically
  • Collaborative Step by Step approach to coming up with an acceptable proposal
  • Achievable, Open, Honest, and Accountable project time lines and Objectives
  • Full Service Engineering and Consulting department and Project Management Institute certified project managers (PMP) to oversee your project.