Monitoring Dashboard Brings New Insights to Plants

  • Automatic and thorough monitoring of every facet of boiler room and steam system operations
  • View historical and real-time data from anywhere in the world and receive immediate and accurate alerts, updates and reporting
  • System monitoring with real-time safety and system alerts
  • 24/7 consultation and support when issues happen
  • Proactive maintenance & system update planning
  • Data to drive reporting and decision-making

The Stickle Monitoring Dashboard Remote Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence solution has revolutionized the way plants monitor their steam system and boiler operations. The Dashboard system introduces new levels of data to the industry and empowers users to use predictive modeling to inform decisions about efficiency and system selection.

Using the most cutting-edge remote monitoring technology throughout steam and boiler systems, the Dashboard monitors stores real-time data to detect changes in norms that trigger alarms to plant staff. The solution combines data that has never before been collected or monitored with Artificial Intelligence to provide actionable insight to plants at all levels from maintenance staff to corporate. System performance and trends are tracked over time in a cloud-based solution accessible 24/7 from anywhere, the system self-diagnoses issues and generates alerts at escalating operational levels depending on the level of urgency of the finding. Historical insights improve and empower future performance and decision-making.

The power of Artificial Intelligence is harnessed with Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling. Data is collected around the clock from components in the system the human eye could not detect, changes in norms are detected and trigger system alarms, and new norms are created over time. The data is collected by facility and component and insights can be leveraged across facilities. The scale of the system makes it a powerful tool across facilities to redefine operating levels for the ideal production environment. Entities can assimilate data across locations to find optimal performance levels and implement changes across locations.

Additionally, information on components that are not functioning properly can be escalated immediately and often avoid system downtime at the facilities where the Dashboard has been installed. Plants are seeing decreases in steam venting, thereby decreasing energy loss, as well as avoiding costly downtime when system components are not functioning properly.

Stickle Steam Monitoring Dashboard